Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The Vegas-update is coming, but after having written a lot of it, I managed to delete it, and I just haven`t been able to bring myself to type it all up again....

So I`ll just write about one of my best spur-of-the-moment decisions ever!

Some of the guys had tickets to the U2 concert, and so I just went with them, figuring I`d see if I could get a reasonably priced ticket from someone....

I wound up paying 120$, but man was it ever worth it. The stadium was packed, and the mood was great. At some points, the crowd just took over, singing almost as loud as Bono. The band looked like they were enjoying themselves, making for a great concert.

They also displayed one of the very coolest light-shows I`ve ever seen.

Yet another great concert under my belt, and a rash-decision I won`t regret any time soon.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

It was that time of the week again: Concert!

This time it was a trio of bands that I like. The headliners were the excellent Foo Fighters, one of my absolute favourite bands. And for warmup they had Hot Hot Heat, and Weezer..

Hot Hot Heat's new album, Elevator is very good, so I was there to hear them as well. And it always helps if you actually like the warmup-bands.

Then came Weezer, and who doesn`t like Weezer.... They played for so long, that after their "warmup", I felt like I`d seen an entire concert already.

Then, after a short wait, Foo Fighters came on stage, and they certainly did not disappoint. I already saw them earlier this year in Norway, but hey, you can never have too much Foo.

Monday, October 24, 2005

It`s been quite a while since my last post. But that`s because nothing much has happened. Except the System of a Down concert, but that was weeks ago, I just forgot to post :)

We`ve been having midterms, and so we`ve been reading, and studying very hard, of course. So there hasn`t been a lot of time for extra-curicullar activities.

I`m sure we`ll have more time to have fun soon though, and I`ll be back with a post worth reading..

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

As the weekend came to an end, it also reached it`s climax at least for me.
Bloc party was great, Green day was even better. But Audioslave really is one of my favourite bands, so I was looking forward to this concert the most.

The venue was quite a bit smaller than where Green Day had played, but a bit bigger than that of Bloc Party. I felt it provided a very nice, intimate atmosphere. Audioslave really isn`t a stadium band like U2 or the Rolling stones.

Alos, I like Seether, who was the warmup-band. I`ve listened a bit to them, so that made it all even better.
After Seether were done, they told us to "give it up for 30 seconds to mars" who were the other warmup band. After about 30-40 minutes of waiting though, we began to get impatient, not looking forward to another warmup, then a break before Audioslave.

Then all of a sudden, they were there. The second warmup band never came, and we went straight to the good stuff.

They played all my favourites, and mixed in quite a few songs both from Sound Garden and form Rage against the machine. The crowd went crazy as always when they launched into killing in the name of.

After a good 2 hour concert, they were. I was left tired after a fun but hard week of concerts, and happy. Finally, after having to forego their appearance at the 2005 Quart concert, I had seen Audioslave :) wohoo! They certainly did not disappoint.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Saturday: Loveparade and Green day.

6 of us had tickets for Green day in the evening, but we decided to go see the Loveparade first, since we were after all in San Francisco. What better place to see a Loveparade (except Berlin of course).

The day was spent listening to the drums of music, and watching people wearing nothing and everything dance around like crazy.
For once, the clouds had decided to be elsewhere, so the sun was out all day, making for a great party.

After a few hours at that party, we moved on to the next. Green Day, at the SBC-stadium, home of the SF-Giants.

Unfortunately we hadn`t all bought our tickets together, so 3 guys went down onto the field, while the other three (including me) went to the LAST row, waaay back on the corner. Not the best seats.
Jimmy eat world did the warmup, and while they did a pretty good job of it, we decided that this was no place to see Green day from, so we went down a level, to try sneaking onto the field ourselves.
No luck. So in the end we wound up standing behind the handicap-section, in more than decent spots. It all worked out.

And what a show. When Green Day comes on stage, and Billy Joe screams "Hello San Francisco", and 47,000 people go wild, you know it`s gonna be a good night.
For those of you who didn`t know, Green Day originated in the Bay area, and so San Francisco is kind of their home field.

They put on a show filled with energy, and Billy Joe did one hell of a job connecting with the crowd. At one point they even brought up people from the audience to play. One on drums, one of guitar, and one on bass. Again, the crowd went wild. Then, and as the band-members took their respective instruments back, the kid who`d been playing guitar went over to the backup-guitar, and put it on. Billy Joe turns and talks to him for a moment, then says into the microphone, "keep it". Yet again, the crowd goes wild.

The kid likely peed himself, but got of stage. Then the short-time drummer was told to stagedive, and promptly obeyed.

Needless to say, the crowd went wild.

All in all, one hell of a concert. The music, the band, the pyrotechnics, the fireworks, the lights, the crowd.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Bloc Party last night.
Warmup-bands were the kills and the noisettes. Not really my kind of thing. But the headliners certainly did not disappoint.

Bloc party on a really good show, and after playing for a good while, throwing all their best material at us, they left the stage. And then they came back for more. And after 3 more songs, they left and came back AGAIN. I`m not sure, but I think this might have been the last stop on their tour over here, so they really gave it their all.

A very good concert.
(btw, the tough-guy on top here is Andreas, sporting the same t-shirt that I bought. I figured I`d put him up here since it was his birthday. Happy 20th buddy).

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Breaking news:
Today it rained here in berkeley!!!

Hmm, nothing else happened today that was unusual enough to post.